Free Plan Guide

How it works:
Merchwitch is a print on demand company that will sell your merchandise for you. We take care of all aspects including the printing of the item, the postage and any after-sales issues that might arise. You do not have to do any anything, we look after your fans merchandise for you.

If you have opted for the free plan then please visit >>here<< whereby you can generate your own mock-ups using our PSD files. You can only use the colours that are in our files, please do not add custom colours. If you are going to use your own mock-up images then make sure these are 1000x1000 pixels in RGB and saved as PNG files.

When sending your print designs to us they must be PNG files with transparency. We cannot use JPG.

When we request your print designs they must be in PNG format with transparency. If you have no idea what this is, just send what you have and we will see what can be done but do not worry, we're here to help you all the way.

When we send you the sign-up form we will include our base-prices for the merchandise. We will then ask you what prices you want us to set for you. This part is entirely up to you, we do not advise on what to set your prices at but look around other vendors pages to see what they sell at. and you'll get a good guide.


We pay you via BACS transfer or Paypal, it's your choice (BACS is free to transfer whereas Paypal will charge you a fee!). The payout is on a cycle of 28 days. This is to allow for any returns/refunds that occur during the month. If a refund happens and you have been paid out, we will deduct that from the next payout.

To sign up for the Free Plan or want more information, please use the contact form below.

Orders Dispatched Within 2 Working Days

Worldwide Tracked Shipping

30 Day Returns