How It Works


How does Merchwitch work?

Merchwitch is a Print On Demand business that will print and sell your merchandise for you. We handle everything, from printing to shipping to customer service. 

Merchwitch is for everyone—from Gamers, DJs and Creators wanting to offer awesome merch to their fans.

Why choose Merchwitch?


Design Team

Product Creation

Our design team will create your mockups from the logos that you send us. We then list them all on your personal store page. 



Selling Your Products

You set the price of what you want to sell your merchandise at, we then deduct our cost price from your sales, and that will be your profit. On sign up we will send you a dashboard that will tell you when you have had a sale and also how much is owed to you.


Order Fulfillment And Shipping

Once a buyer places an order we’ll take care of the printing and shipping for you. We will handle any issues that might arise e.g. Shipping, sizing errors etc. You do not need to do anything, we take care of it all!



Customer Service And Seller Support

Let us take care of your customers while you focus on selling and streaming. Our Customer Support team are well qualified to deal with all enquiries from your fans, so don't worry.



Lets Get Started


Firstly sign up for the Pro Setup Service Plan. When we have received your request or payment, we will contact you to go through the setup of your merch store. All you need to do is send us your transparent PNGs designs for your products and register for your personal access to your sales reports. That's it!

Send all your designs to


For more information or to join Merchwitch, get in touch

Orders Dispatched Within 2 Working Days

Worldwide Tracked Shipping

30 Day Returns